Xp-pen Deco Pro Medium Review

I brough this on last halloween for 110 but didn’t use it much until recent months. They have sales pretty often.

I have used the tablet for a couple months now and below is my experience.


The pen comes in a cyclinder case, with integrated space for spare nibs and remover. The remover does not produce as much a deep grip on the nib as the other regular ring nib remover so I felt the need to replace the nib earlier. I have only gone though one so far though.

The pen has two buttons on it. Supposely the thumb is mean to rest inbetween the two buttons accessing either button but there is not a stable point where I can grip the pen comfortablely without pressing either button.

I usually grip the pen with a slight offset and pressing either button requires me to adjust the grip. Quite often I ended up pressing the front button unintentionally.

The tablet has 8 keys with pretty huge gap inbetween. The key is stiff and difficult to locate without touching around.

The scroll ring has no tactile feedback (clicks) and the amount of rotation to first keypress and subsequent keypresses are different.

The touchpad doesn’t seem to have adjustable sensitivity.

I though the extra buttons and rings are cool at first but I ended up not using them. They don’t feel very good to use compared to a controller or a macro pad.

The tablet comes with usbc right angle to usb a cable, two dongles are also provided (usba to usbc, usba to micro usb)

The table also works with android, the size is too big for such task I feel.


I’m am a lefty and had to turn the mapping 180. Sometime when reconnecting external monitor the setting is forgotten, also the tablet is mapped to both monitor which is annoying. Sometime if I unplug the tablet and reconnect it the setting is also forgotten.

Updating driver wipes all custom configs.

Only one global config, any other configs are automatically loaded when selected program is running. There is no way to make a copy of an existing config. (I tried out krita 5.0 and had to make a separate config.) The tool for config management is pretty basic.

At least the driver is pretty stable and haven’t cause crashes.

I have not used other brand so I cannot make any comparisons. I guess it’s alright for the price.

During my search for tablets I produced a size comparison pdf for xppen brand product. You can print this out on us letter to gauge the physical drawing area:

Your printer might add some margin to the print so it’s not 100% exact.

I would encourage you to share your experience from different vendor. (huion and wacom in particular, I am considering upgrade to a pen display)


I would be appreciated if any of your xppen user can try replicate the following bug

The problem with these is always that there’s not enough buttons to fully replace the keyboard. That means it’s better to just keep the non-drawing hand on the keyboard at all times, unfortunately.

i’ve an xppen too (artist pro 24) and i can’t reproduce it.

Those buttons are the same as on Wacom styluses. I usually hold the stylus between the thumb and the middle finger and rest my index finger just below the buttons. Then it’s easy to reach the buttons with the index finger and it’s rare that I touch them by mistake.

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