Zoldyako's Themes for Krita v2

Since I can’t edit the old post anymore I created a new one!

Hello there! A while ago, I made some new color schemes (themes) for Krita, and now I have made a huge update. Here what’s changed:

  • Added more colors
  • New Themes
  • Revised the old themes and gave them a better look and feel


Download the Themes here

Themes showcase


Bright Themes


Dark Themes


Darker Themes


Goth Themes


Neutral Themes

ClipStudio Colors

ClipStudio Themes


[UPDATE v2.1]

This patch fixed some issues:

・Contrast of items, dockers and texts are better balanced now
・Made the undertones a LOT more subtle
・Small change in accent colors
・More consistency across themes
・Changed the themes names to be shorter

There are a lot of themes to maintain, so this will be the last update with undertone and the goth themes. Soon I will make some changes in the themes:

Remove the undertone
・Having undertones in themes makes them harder to maintain since it takes a lot more work to make any change at all
Remove “goth” themes
・Even it is almost gray, the undertone can mess up with your color perception

I’ll modify the dark and darker themes to be darker (darker will probably be as dark as the goth theme are)

You are still able to download previous versions if you want the undertone

The name of the themes has changed, so replace the old files for the new ones



How i was missing this thread? really interesting. I will check it out asap. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Hi, i have this in neutral, green. Is quite good, but maybe helps you.

Where can i watch this values in the file?

The green would be perfect if i can reduce the saturation a bit. So i tried to reduce it in the captured screen and then discover that the greens in bg as no active screen focused are better for my eyes.
Also the barely visible note is when you isolate a layer. MAybe you then decide to go to other layer and a not so “barely visible” would fit better imo. Maybe this is too custom for me. Anyway thanks.

Your work requires time and is apreciated


I just discovered that your files are easier to be modified. That is cool. With only a few parameters.

Now is better for my eyes and my personal taste, but i am testing others too. more another day, byee


Hi Ramon, thank you a lot! Sorry for not replying you sooner, I was offline the past days.

About the different icon colours, this is a bug, icons colours are automatically handled by Krita based on how light/dark the theme is, some things don’t change when you select another theme, then you have to restart Krita for it to change.

About the low contrast in isolated layers: I never use it, so I didn’t knew about this issue. I tested and this happens in the neutral theme that comes with Krita by default, then I guess it is just how Krita behaves, apparently it always makes the text on this mode to be a mid-grey no matter what theme you are using (maybe a bug report is a good idea, but I don’t know if it is worth it).

Since you pointed out about saturation in the green theme, I think the accent colours of neutral themes may benefit from being less saturated/less brighter (since it’s kind of the point for neutral themes to be as neutral as possible). To finish, I don’t think there is a way to make the transparency of the selected brush less transparent, probably handled by Krita as well.

That said, thank you for your feedback Ramon, I’ll take notes to the next update! :smiley:

Really nice to see your themes.
Is there a chance to color the scrollbars?

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Thank You!

Unfortunately no, there is no option to change de scroll bar color, it’s automatically choose, the 2 base colors to create contrast between the scrollbar and scroll bar background.

Thank you Zoldyako for your answer. For me the contrast isn´t really good to see, but shit happens :upside_down_face:

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!!!Thanks you very very much

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looks so cool, thanks

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Love it. Now my Krita is pink :heart_eyes:

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