Zorn Palette

I made a Zorn palette for Krita. Here’s a screenshot.


The palette file is available at: github
The making and theories are explained in this blog post.
Visualization: https://youtu.be/Oc6uA5QyRZo

Short summary

The Zorn palette, named after Anders Zorn, is popular among some atelier for beginner painters. It consists of only 4 colors.

This digital version is made by first taking all weighted sum of the 4 colors in XYZ, then sampled and arranged in CAM16 UCS at different values (J).


I was surprised and happy to find that Krita support palette specified in XYZ, which elimiates the necessarity of providing color profiles.

The theory and usage the palette is similar to gamut masks, which I plan to explore further. Please let me know your experience with gamut masks, if you use them in Krita or other software/medium. Thanks!