358 Copic Colour swatches

A couple of years ago, I went through the process of converting the Copic marker colours from Sketchbook. Back then, Sketchbook was still owned by Autodesk and used to support the full Copic library natively, they no longer have this license today.
Anyways, these are the official colours for Copic’s markers by name and colour family.

And these are the Copic swatches:

Files can be downloaded here:

To import:
Go to the Palette > click on the button on the bottom left > click import > browse to the file location

For realistic Copic marker brushes, check this thread: Realistic Copic marker like brushes


thanks for sharing this! i have one question though, in your mediafire folder there are many files, does the 358 contains all colors or there are different colors in the other palettes?

The 358 contains all colours, the others, contain a particular colour family. The filename tells which family it is, based on the abbreviations Copic uses. This allows you to load the colours you want :wink:


At the time I thought of creating a plugin that was a docker like the Sketchbook one, sadly I don’t know anything about python.

Thanks for the palette :dizzy:

If you ever consider making dockers again in my GitHub I have a “blank” plugin that is literally and empty docker you can use to start out doing things and replacing names and add code to do things. You will need Pyqt5 designer to edit the ui files the rest you can use an IDE like normal with python.


Ohhh thank you very much!!, that will help me a lot :open_mouth:

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Awesome, thanks so much!

Thank you, this works very well. I couldn´t have enough color palettes :joy:

Thanks the color palettes amaizing and thanks for your work :heart_decoration:

Glad y’all like it. I have added a link to the Copic Marker brushes @tachiko made (and I modified) in this thread: Realistic Copic marker like brushes to the first post. So feel free to check those out. If you have any suggestions for improvements for the brushes, please let us know there as well!


omg. thank you for this. I’ve been struggling with krita’s palette but never got the color right. I’ve been using the devad one but… yea i don’t like it. I like how it’s categorized. Like the concepts app color wheel.

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Thank you for this palette!

When I import the palette there are only 356 swatches instead of 358:

I’m not sure which 2 are missing, but this seems to match the count from your screenshot after accounting for the differences in swatch count per row so this might be intentional. Just figured I’d mention it in case it isn’t!

I recall that I counted all the colours by name group (blue, blue-violet, yellows, etc.) and that these matched up with the ones in Sketchbook (I also wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t be missing any accidentally). If any of the swatches are missing, I wouldn’t know which one, nor can I recreate them, because I have uninstalled Sketchbook (their newer versions don’t include the Copic library anymore).

Maybe Sketchbook was missing two, I just assumed there were 358 in total and never did the total count, because 358 is the number that Copic always states. :wink:

While I was organizing them into swatch groups in Krita I decided to check which 2 it was and it looks like E74 and E84 are the two that are missing if I compare to the screenshot you included from Sketchbook Pro.

Mystery solved! But yeah unfortunately the colors on the page describing the Copic Color System are likely not the actual values for recreating what was used in Sketchbook Pro.

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I had a look at the various colour charts online, none of them seem to closely resemble the RGB values from Sketchbook (incl. copics chart which most online sources reference). So I’ll refrain from adding them. If, however, you would like to have E74 and E84, you can use these substitutes from the Copic chart posted above.

This is E74:

And this is E84:

I had previously used other online resources for the swatches, but non of them seemed to be as close as a match of the ones from Sketchbook. So, I’d rather not have incorrect ones.

If anyone still has the discontinued Sketchbook version with the Copic library, please let me know what the RGB values of these are so I can add them.

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So i added both of the colors (E74 and E84 through the # code on the both right of the windows you have) and both seem pretty close to the source that munokto posted, although where does that window open? I tried the color picker and it didn’t work.

This window was Photoshop’s as that’s where I made them in initially. But I soon found out why I loathe it and why I left it untouched for so long lol.

Thanks for sharing :+1: