Animating in Vector layers

Krita has turned out to be the easiest and most intuitive program to use that I have tried. I use krita focused on practicing animation, since it is very comfortable to use the Timeline and the Onion-Skin. I also use Vector Layers a lot for illustration. Because they are really useful because of the versatility with which they work and the ease of changing shapes and colors
But one day I realized a little problem. Paint layers are especially good for brush effects and animation sketches. But, to do the Line-Art, it is very impractical. I tried the Brush Stabilizers, but was not happy with the result. I got the idea to do it with vector layers by editing shapes. But I found out that you can’t
So I thought of another way to do it with Vector layers. I thought to make a Vector layer for each frame, then convert them to Paint layers and then add it to the Timeline. But I realized that that was a lot of slow and unproductive work.
That is why I make this request. If you could animate in the Vector layers, and also with all the normal timeline options (such as duplicating that frame, the vector shapes are copied) it would be very useful in the workflow and would save a lot of time and effort. Making each frame easier and faster to edit. combining the way vectors and timeline work would be a hugely useful tool.

PS: I realized that today October 28 is the International Animation Day… interesting day to make an Animation feature request…

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Yeah, that’s called tweening. Every basic animation program has it, except Krita.
In the meantime there’s Synfig, Blender, or paying.

We designed the animation support in Krita explicitly for hand-drawn animation. While at one point we might add frames to vector layers, we won’t be adding rigging, bones or automatic interpolation between frames.

You’re missing two interesting alternatives, btw: Pencil2D and OpenToonz.

While at one point we might add frames to vector layers, we won’t be adding rigging, bones or automatic interpolation between frames.

I understand it takes time, even potentially years, to add functionality. But why outright refuse to consider it? I don’t understand this.

That’s because we’re not just developing whatever people ask for: we’re working with a vision of what we want Krita to be, and our vision for animation is that Krita isn’t a replacement for flash, we’re making Krita for people who want to create classic hand-drawn animations.

But it’s a big part of animation. That’s like refusing to have vector functionality in a program because it’s supposed to be a raster drawing app.
I understand not just adding anything people ask for, because it would end up being a mess and it takes time to make things actually good, but that explanation doesn’t make sense. Having basic tweening doesn’t mean that you have to “replace Flash” (and I didn’t mention rigging or bones).
Just say it’s because you don’t have the means and manpower, so you have to make choices, I’m sure everybody would be understanding.
But by the way I forgot, thanks for the two suggestions.

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I must say that interpolation is a very good tool even for hand drawn animation though…
Timing is just math at its core.

I could say that, but it wouldn’t be true…

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I think you guys are misunderstanding a bit. with vector animation I meant simply Krita default vector functions + timeline. NOT rigging, bones or automatic interpolation between frames. those are specific functions that only a program that is dedicated exclusively to vectors needs. not like Krita. I never said it as a replacement for flash, since I have never tried it. and I also don’t think that Krita needs rigging, bones or automatic interpolation between frames because the workflow style I’ve had it doesn’t need those functions. and as the same request guide says, you have to think about the worflow. not in random functions just 'cause yes

just saying