Bug: Zoom tool and application pointer gets stuck, requiring application restart (video included)

Has anyone else experienced this bug where the zoom tool gets stuck while using the tablet to zoom? Here is a video demo of the issue: Krita 5 Zoom Pointer Bug - YouTube

My setup is as follows:

  • macOS 11.6.2
  • Krita 5.0.0
  • Wacom Intuos Pro (Large)
  • Wacom Pro Pen 3D

Below is what the pen settings look like with the latest drivers. I’m using the middle button labelled “Pan/Zoom”.

I found an old bug report of a similar problem when Krita 4 was in beta:

There are a few seemingly related bug posts on this forum, but they were closed because of inactivity:

But they are inactive, so I figured I’d bump the issue.

You provide a link that seems to be to a formal krita bug report but it actually goes to a website called ‘narkive (dot) com’ which asks to set cookies:

A quick search for that website shows vile racist drivel associated with it.
I think you should remove that link and replace it with the correct link which is:
390642 – Cursor gets stuck with the wrong icon after moving between canvas and gui

My bad!

When searching for other reports of this bug this is what I found:

The site itself seems to just be a mailing list auto-archiver. I did see the racist stuff you mentioned when I search only the domain name. I did find the original mailing list it was pulling that racist stuff from though. I won’t link it here but you can find it by Googling for “soc.culture.usa mailing list”. It’s a public Google Group, so I reported it to Google to hopefully have it taken down. I also tweeted at them: https://twitter.com/Nezteb/status/1480375963280199684