Cheap Ballpoint pen Brush

I made this single brush preset that I use for casual sketching. This supposed to imitate the look and feel of cheap ballpoint pen that I commonly use.

This brush uses multiply blending. Using this brush on a transparent layer may result in a thin white outline. Use in a flat layer or in layer with ‘darken’ blending to remove the outline.


Also use low saturation, high brightness color.


Is that the real pen or the pen in Krita? This looks awesome!!

in krita :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
thankyou :slightly_smiling_face:


That looks crazy good!!! great job! :grin: :+1:

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This looks awesome!

I tried it and I love it.


I’ve tried to create my own version of this but yours is much better! thank you!!
perfect for mindless doodling


Hi, how do i download it? i cliked the links, but i only got a PNG image. i dont know to to use it in krita isually the brushpens thai i dowloaded are .bundle format. thanks

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They’re actually Krita Brush Present Files (.kpp).

Open your resource folder by going to settings > manage resources > open resource folder. Then put the .kpp files in the /paintoppresets/ folder. Restart Krita to see the brushes in the brush list

Hello and welcome @notUrzebra!

Unfortunately Google changes the file extension to *.PNG when you download the files directly from the links above. So you can either change the file extensions back to *.kpp by hand.
The brushes are then installed for example as @fizzyflower described in the previous post.

One way to get the brushes without renaming the file extension is, if you have a Google Drive account and the “Backup and Sync” software from Google is installed on your PC, you move the files after you have called the two links above, from the called pages to your Google Drive account (you create a shortcut to your Google Drive folder by clicking on the folder icon at the top of the called Google Drive pages and selecting this option below (in the then opening menu)) and find the brushes unchanged in your local Google Drive folder on your PC from where you now move them to any folder on your PC. Then install them as described above.

This may depend on your operating system. If I download from those two links, which offer .kpp files, using my Linux computer, then I get these two files in my Downloads folder:

A .kpp file has a .png icon image inside it and that is probably what causes the confusion.

Edit:Add: I just tried this with my Windows 10 system and got these in my Downloads folder:

So I’ve no idea why you’re getting .png files downloaded.

Very nice, those presets feel really great, especially with a texture fill layer of the same paper underneath. Good job! :slight_smile:

It seemed to depend on the OS, that was my first thought too (and at first I downloaded it in Windows 10 using Firefox and got *.PNG’s), but your experiment shows that there must be another unknown factor, and so I tried it with my iPhone, my Android-Phone and also with my Android-VM via Chrome - in all cases I got *.kpp-files. :thinking:

I also thought it was because Google wanted to do something good for us and take work off our hands, but there seems to be another hidden reason for this behavior. I wonder if Google will roll some dice beforehand. :thinking:

And then I tested with Opera, Chrome and Edge on Windows 10 and funnily got *.KPP’s. It seems to be a browser thing! Wow, that was weird.


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It’s actually a different thing: .kpp files are .png files (the icon), all the info and patterns and whatnot is in the metadata part of PNG format.


And that explains why some browsers are sure that they’re .png files :slight_smile:


This is probably a counter-action to what some websites do, which is putting jpg files out there with .png extension… So I guess browsers are used to guess the mimetype from the content, not extension :stuck_out_tongue:

for what it’s worth, kpp files that get renamed to png by the browser will still have their relevant metadata inside even as png, so just replace the png extension with kpp and it should work.

(you can see this metadata by opening the file in krita, then image → properties and there looking at annotations)

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Great job, really realistic. <3

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I downloaded it days back, and it reminds me how I enjoy drawing in paper with pens instead of papers. Thank you so much, this is one of my favorite brush on Krita.