Doubts and clarification about the October 2021 monthly contest

Please use this thread to talk about doubts and questions about the october 2021 monthly art contest

I’m not aware of any new RGBA presets in the Krita 5 beta. :thinking:

We do have new RGBA functionality for the colour-smudge engine, but no official brushes yet unless I’ve missed something.

I think it’s problematic setting a Krita 5 based challenge when we don’t have an official stable release - I think the current Krita 4 stable includes RGBA pixel engine brushes though. Maybe a more general RGBA brush requirement would be better? :man_shrugging:


Yeah I think any RGBA brush would be better, I will change the wording.


This is the first time Ill attempt to join,

I have some question:
[I already check the RGBA brushes so i think ill be able to use them and i might go check some other ]
Are we allowed to use flood fill?
And other non brush tool as long as the brush we use is strictly the required brush?

If, like me, you’re new to Krita 5 beta and want to use it for the challenge, remember to change the autosave feature to five minutes or so before you do any serious work! :sob:

I was just going to try it out and accidentally slipped into the art zone where space and time has no meaning. That got an abrupt ending when I mistyped ctrl-z: ctrl-x ctrl-x ctrl-x ctrl-z… that seems to have been enough to topple the beta.

Yes to your questions

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@Bleke - I’m answering your question in this thread rather than keeping last month’s active.

The existing Krita 4 RGBA brushes that Ramon made have a small symbol with red, green, blue and chequerboard for alpha:

Screenshot from 2021-10-02 17-11-06

You can get additional brushes such as in the bundle wojtryb made last year:

The brushes I’ve made myself in Krita 5 are usually done by creating a tip with values representing thickness (can use real captured dabs/textures for this), and the surrounding area needs to be transparent. I select and copy it to clipboard, choose ‘+clipboard’ option in brushtip section, then select ‘preserve alpha option’ when saving. You can select the ‘lightness map’ option for brush mode if a brushtip has been correctly saved as RGBA (it will select this mode as default anyway).

In Krita 4 you can use the pixel engine with RGBA tips, and in Krita 5 you can use pixel or colour-smudge engine.

These kind of brushes are very difficult to make well though - there’s so many things to consider; I’ve made over 60 test presets in Krita 5 and it still makes my head spin! :crazy_face:


:expressionless: Almost done and I used the wrong brushes… oh well, I’ll participate outside of the competition. :slight_smile:

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Well - if you’re that quick you can do another one no problem! :upside_down_face:

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Are every RGBA brush allowed, also self made RGBA brushes in smudge engine? Cause i worked the last week to create my dream settings for wet RGBA dagger and bristle brushes, and after maybe 1-2 days more my detail brush and fan bush is also finished. :laughing:


yes they are allowed

Is the blender/blur (the one with a q-tip icon) brush allowed?

No blur is not allowed. Erase mode is allowed. The challenge is to use only rgba brushes.

If I may be so bold to ask, what is an RGBA brush? :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:

I asked the same yesterday. Here is the answer: Monthly Art Contest - October 2021 - Topic - "Sci-fi meets Fantasy" - #8 by Mythmaker

I know they aren’t in the RGBA sets, but are blending tools allowed?


I already answered that here :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, I hadn’t considered that as blur, so good thing I asked anyway I guess
I mostly use these to work away strokes

Sorry to ask this many questions, but I want to do this as intended.
The Woytrib bundle, which is allowed yes?, has a blur tool.
Is that off limits as well then?

The challenge is to use “RGBA brushes”, the challenge is to put some constrain, allowing more brushes is like saying there is no challenge, So I repeat again, no other brushes other than RGBA brushes, if the RGBA brushes have smudge etc then okay.