Feature request for dedicated Eraser Tool

I really wish there was a dedicated Eraser tool. So here is another request to implement it. The workarounds might be helpful for some cases but for users coming from Photoshop this is a bit of a step back.

the purpose of krita is not to copy photoshop, if you want to use krita, you must adapt to it, like for every software. Complaining and saying that it’s better in PS is useless in my opinion. I don’t say that krita has to stay like it is, but it’s better to argue for changes… :wink:


Yeah. I’ve heard this argument before and I don’t agree with that. It’s not about copying Photoshop. If so, Krita would look completely different as so many things are just like they are in Photoshop. It’s about making the transition for people coming from Photoshop (or whatever other painting app - all I know have an Eraser tool) easier. And a lot of people will use Krita and Photoshop side-by-side. Having tools and settings synchronized as close as possible is an immense time saver and gets rid of a lot of muscle memory issues.

Not having an Eraser tool “to be different” isn’t a great argument. Krita already is different enough for me - in a good way. That’s why I’m giving it a try.


Honestly i don’t see it as it being different for the sake of being different, it’s a much simpler way of implementation. To me an eraser tool adds nothing, it’s a redundant tool to the brush. Cause in essence the eraser tool in other programs is essentially the brush tool however with eraser only presets. And then come the use case of what if i want to use a brush as a eraser? What these programs do is let you use transparency as a color. So i really don’t see how having a eraser tool is better.

You talk about making it easier to transition, i also don’t see how that is problematic with the current tools. And if you want to change to a especific brush as an eraser there are plugins like the ten brushes for that.


When I got used to the Krita way I found it much better than Photoshop’s even if it was weird at first. This goes both ways, I could also just as well say that ““Photoshop should remove their dedicated eraser tool and implement the E shortcut to make it easier to transition to””.
Although, it seems that Adobe found Krita’s solution so good that Photoshop implemented a similar thing in the 2020 version. If Krita didn’t try something different, both would likely not have the feature so I am very glad Krita did! :blush:


It depends on how one is used to work - not just in Photoshop - in any painting program. And if you like a certain work process and you can’t use it any more, it’s a disadvantage. And why not make life easier for some artists by providing a feature they are used to. Especially a basic one like the Eraser, which pretty much every painting app has got.

It’s basically like in traditional art. When you work on a pencil drawing you have different erasers in reach compared to when you work on a watercolor panting.


In case of lineart, I guess I could see a need for some improvement in Krita since erasing with a size-by-pressure set up brush is a bit more difficult (though, really, not that much). But there are ways to help with that: Ten Brushes script, ‘/’, Three Brushes script (blender, brush + eraser). We could talk about more things. Like disabling pressure for eraser, or something.

On the other hand, with painting it’s much better if the brush you’re erasing with is already the exact same as the one you paint with. The same texture, the same kind of strokes. Makes it more coherent. The worst feeling I had in a program was when I was painting with oil paints in Artrage and then I tried to remove something and… got a soft circle eraser. Disgusting :stuck_out_tongue: In Krita, no matter which brush I use, if I use E, my eraser will match the painting I’m making.

Also you talk about having Krita side by side with Photoshop, or users coming from Photoshop. But as long as there is no advantage for Krita users to have this, besides the muscle memory of previous Photoshop users, it’s not going to be implemented. Do you think Photoshop or other programs should implement things like they are in Krita only to preserve muscle memory?

If you talk with any Asian artists, they would be confused why you even use(d) Photoshop for painting, everyone knows that Clip Studio Paint is the industry standard.

Soon, the “industry standard” will be Procreate and it will be Procreate features that people coming to Krita will expect.


I can understand your view, though i don’t fully agree with it as one can always adapt to new ways, however krita gives you all the tools to work like this, the only thing it doesn’t have is an icon in the toolbox.

From my view both ten brushes plugin or the / shortcut would serve to have a spare eraser.

I am a Krita user (or want to be) and there IS an advantage for me if there was an Eraser tool. So you can put one user on the Pro-Eraser list. And I can configure Photoshop to a certain degree as well, so I could also configure Photoshop to the Krita shortcuts if I came from Krita. For me it’s just the other way around - which probably is the more probable direction. It’s all about synchronizing - no matter in which direction.

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If Krita had all the tools, I would not have asked for the Eraser.

Ok so, what is the advantage for you? What would you do faster or easier or better if there was an eraser tool? Also, would the same advantage apply to people unfamiliar with Photoshop?


Can someone create an action/plugin that makes an icon for the Toolbar which generates a keyboard shortcut that is mapped to an eraser using Ten Brushes?
Then, there would be a dedicated ‘tool’ icon for a customisable eraser.


The advantage is that I can quickly switch between my selected brush and my selected eraser by using a hotkey on my Cintiq remote. I know blindly where that key is and I switch between the two tools all the time. But the eraser is different depending on what I’m working at. When I sketch I usually have a large soft eraser, when I paint I mostly have an tilt sensitive, harder eraser, when I do inking and cleanups, I have an ever harder eraser. Whatever I just do, I always switch between the pen/eraser combination that’s best at that moment. And I don’t ever have to select anything with my drawing hand - it’s just a hotkey click on my remote.

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So what you are asking is basically be able to have a shortcut to a specific eraser ? That’s exactly how the ten brushes plugin and three slots plugin works. You would only need to configure it to the e key.

Once again krita already has tools for that (both plugins). The only thing i would say it needs improvement on is a faster way to change the brush set to a shortcut.

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No. That’s not the case. I want the “E” key to switch between my brush and the last eraser that I have used.

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Maybe this provides what you want? Blender Institute developed a Krita script!


Yeah - that’s exactly what I need. I will give it try - thanks a lot. But the fact that somebody at the Blender Institute created something like this shows, that there might actually be a need for it. I hope it will work in Krita 5 as well.

For the sake of other users not having to ask like me and being pointed towards a plugin, it should be considered to implement the eraser anyway. It doesn’t seem to be too difficult if there’s a plugin for that already.

A quick test doesn’t look too promising - nothing happens when I hit the “E” key (assigned it via shortcuts). Can anybody else try if this works in Krita 5?

and for the people that are used to krita and prefer the e shortcut as it is implement in krita. maybe this ‘option’ is specific to krita, but i prefer it this way. You have to adapt to the functionnality providing by the software you use.

note that you can use the shortcut for switching to previous brush preset (by default “/” key)
select your main brush preset you want, select the eraser preset you want and switch between them using the shortcut :wink:


Yeah. You’re right. Let’s get rid of the “Feature Request” category altogether. Why bother about users anyway. :unamused: