Frequently Asked Questions about this forum

Frequently Asked Questions about the forum

General Information

How is this site managed?

This site is administered and sponsored by @raghukamath and @coding_coffee.

We also have a awesome group of admins and moderators who helps us keep things tidy and working. You can take a look at the team here

Where is this website hosted?

This website is hosted with hetzner as of now and is hosted in on of their servers located in Germany.

Is this website related to Krita-foundation?

Although we have some of the core developers as admin and members of this forum and have the permission of the core team to run this website, we are not related or run by Krita foundation. We are a separate entity as of today.

Your Account

How old do I need to be to open an account?

You need to be older than 13 years of age to use this website. This is to comply with laws in various countries and jurisdictions. If you are under 13 and we would suggest waiting to open and account. You can view and browse the forum with any problem under your parents guidance.

Can I change my username?

You can’t change your username by yourself. However we would be happy to help you to change it. Just make a topic in #site-feedback category with a request to change your username.

Posting Content

Can I ask a question and get help in this forum?

Yes, you can. It’s best to do a search first to see if your question has already been answered. If you still need help, here are 3 things you can do to get the best help possible.

  1. State the problem in the topic title. That way the volunteers with experience in your issue will see your question and can respond.
  • Some good topic title examples: “Can I resize my art?” or “XPPen Artist no pen pressure” or “How can I get dockers back on the screen?”
  • Avoid titles like these: “Help please” or “Why doesn’t this work?”
  1. Always mention your operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android) and the Krita version number.

  2. If someone responds to your post asking for further information, answer their questions as thoroughly as you can.

Can I post in language other than English?

You can, but we would urge you to add a translated text below your original text. This forum has members from all over the world and they might not know your language thus your chances of getting replies will be reduced. English is accepted as the common language here so we suggest you add appropriate translations to your text.

Are nudes and other not safe for work artworks allowed here?

Nude sketches and paintings are allowed provided they are tagged with #nsfw tag. Porn and artworks depicting or hinting sexual activities is not allowed. Any artwork depicting under age characters nude or in sexual act might get you banned. If you are not sure do not post such artworks. We are working on creating a more comprehensive policy for this.

How to post an artwork or image to this forum?

Click on the New Topic button on the homepage and choose an appropriate category in the post editor. Then click on the upload button or just drag and drop the image into the post editor.

Why can’t I upload multiple images and post multiple replies?

The forum software imposes a limit for posts and uploads on a newly joined user. This is to combat spammers. We know this might be inconvenience to some but we would suggest you spend few minutes in the forum. These limits will be gradually lifted as you spend more time and your trust level will be increased.

What are trust levels?

Trust levels are the forum software’s way to award you for actively participating in the forum and keeping mischievous spammers at bay. With more participation your trust levels will be increased and you will be granted more powers in the forum. You can read more about the trust level in this official post of the forum software → Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Note: This is a work in progress page. We will be adding other questions and updating this page periodically.