Help us create a video of cool features in Krita

After seeing a bunch of nice tricks available in krita here, we felt that a lot of people are not aware of its awesome features. And with a small team it is really hard for the developers to produce content for showing off all the features along with other stuff.

So we are asking all the artists here, we would love, if you can do small video of a feature of Krita that you like. Voice over is not necessary. The video should be licensed CC-BY-SA with a minimum resolution of 1080p and frame rate of 30fps, so that we could show that off.

We can collaborate and submit cmall clips and edit it in one single video. First we need to list out all the features and general script of the video.


Good luck! But don’t forget about showing one useful filter - Colors/“Color to Alpha” as it is surprisingly good and fast! :slight_smile:


I would suggest showing off Krita’s tilt support and the way the brush outline is shown. The way you can see the brush rotate in real time, and the way you can see it still even when you are laying down your stroke, is the reason I chose to give Krita a test run! And I couldn’t be happier with it. Krita is the most fantastic drawing application I have ever used! If this feature wasn’t in Krita, I might have switched from Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint, instead of Krita.
Here is a gif to illustrate what I mean:


Could you make a 1080 p short video showing this off?

The idea is to create something like the demo video on steam:, that gives an idea of what krita is capable of, and the reason we’re asking help from the community is to make sure there’s a variety of art-styles in there.

The point of these videos is to spark people’s imagination, and if there’s a variety of artstyles people can also understand the program as something that could support their art…


Ok! I will try to record something later this evening! :+1:

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I never tried to do anything like that, but if you want me to try to record any of the things I stated in my reply in Tips and Tricks - Hidden Gems in Krita, I guess I could try to do that.

My very basic tip worth adding to that film is alpha blocking on layer and alpha inheritance. I guess lots of beginners would benefit from that if they knew that there is a feature like that.

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Three suggestions, if people think it’s of interest:

  1. Selection masks! Except for just straigh-forward painting with brushes, it’s probably my number one most used feature. Great for applying broad brushstrokes with big textures on smaller forms (as demonstrated here, though not in Krita)
  2. Assistant tools, especially how they allow varied brush pressure for a more natural look than line tools—especially especially when combined with the magnetic option
  3. Gamut Masks—the best for atmospheric colours!

I won’t be able to record with sound but can edit text into the video, and I don’t know if I can do anything before Christmas. (December is practically over already… :grimacing:)


My suggestions for clips (I’m not promising I’ll make them; I hope I will be able, but for now I can’t say for sure, so if someone doesn’t have an idea but want to help, please take one/some of the suggestions and write that you’re making clips for them so there will be no doubling of the work)

  1. clone brush, especially with another layer option and with the reset origin option - I’ve got an awesome gif showing off those features when I coded them and it looked really good and useful:

  1. brushes with perspective, with a brush that shows something useful; for example in Paintstorm Studio video there is grass, we could have for example people (to make crowd) or rocks or something, especially with animated brush tips :wink:
  2. a video that shows a lot of very very different brushes in an uniform way - maybe brushes from Digital Atelier or the Realwater bundle
  3. inherit alpha feature used to the max of it’s possiblity
  4. Colorize Mask MUST BE THERE :wink:
  5. Wrap-around mode - there was one video with the brick wall; we can use this if it’s in good enough quality, but it would be good to remake it too, because it would be really good to show that you can paint on any of the tiles and it will be working correctly. But remaking would be of course low priority if we can use the original video.
  6. Telephone cable brush! With the help of Dynamic Brush Tool :stuck_out_tongue:
  7. Different ways for Stabilization?
  8. Cross-channel adjustment curves?
  9. Isolate layer mode?

And some less specified ideas, please comment if you know how to achieve this:

  1. I would like to show something to show the power of Krita’s layer stack, but I don’t know yet. It shouldn’t be just “oh I have a lot of layers”, but using a lot of different kinds of layers to the maximum potential (there might be a few clips but more “together” to really show the point)
  2. How to show Python scripting?
  3. How to show that we have an awesome Manual?
  4. Making animation - I haven’t specified it above because it’s a broader topic, so some discussion might be good to think it through and decide what would be the best way to show it off. For sure onion skins and Timeline have to be visible. Not sure about other things.

Let me know if you need that video in the full 1080p size, I’ll have to redo it since the original capture (and document) is low res. I’ll think about showcasing a bunch of fancy brushes and the perspective sensor feature, too, since I already spent a lot of time experimenting.

Any guidelines or preferences regarding Krita layouts and themes, as well as video snippet length, style, video format and encoding quality?

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Yes, all videos should be in 1080p. If some are in lower quality or have wrong dimensions, they should be remade I believe.

I’m not technical enough in video editing to make any kind of decisions regarding the technical details. And on the snippet length, I guess @wolthera should answer that.

We can use this video as inspiration: and we need to remember that while cutting videos is an option, there are things we cannot achieve without redoing videos; like when someone is very slowly drawing lines instead of making them quick, or when someone is making a mistake and needs to redo something. Just try to imagine your snippet inside this kind of video and think how to remove all unnecessary elements/actions while providing all necessary information (and time) needed for the viewer to get the point. I guess after some videos posted, we can start seeing some mistakes we want to avoid…

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This feature really blew my mind when I first stumbled over it, making tiles with the multibrush tool and the wrap around mode!
I think this video showcases it well, but the tiles itself might not the very interesting :blush::thinking:

How long will this project be worked on? I am considering making more small videos like this if needed and/or wanted :blush: But I don’t know if I have much time for it the the next few days.


Please don’t forget to record in at least 30 frames per second. :smile:


What time frame are you thinking of for producing video?
Or rather how much time do we have to produce the clips?
Would not mind spending some time on it over Christmas.

There’s no specific timing schedule attached, as it is really just about showing what Krita can do. So I guess, maybe till the end of january or something? To have some kind of deadline.


Deadlines help bring focus. And I know one or two people who can only get work done the day before a deadline :wink:

I’d like to volunteer to make a clip about the assistant tool, and in particular the 3D related ones: perspective, ruler, vanishing point.


I always give a kredit to krita on the end of my artworks. Last year my cartoon movie short visited more than 39 festivals around the earth, won several awards in animation industry, on the end of it is krita kredits. its on my latest showreel. krita animated
Feel free to use it for your promotions. If you want to see whole film just contact me.


Thanks a lot, :heart:

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I made this: Assistant Tools (WIP). Remembered that my GoPro isn’t too bad at recording sound so I used that. :stuck_out_tongue: (Maybe I should get a mike one of these days…) If it’s a showcase video going through lots of features, the individual sections should be quite short, I think, so I tried to streamline it a lot. What do people think? If this is the right direction, I’ll re-record the audio—now that I know what I want to say I should be able to do it a bit more fluidly, and maybe with less of a cold too. :wink:

@SifarMogwai I saw you also offered assistant tools, but if you do the perspective stuff, that should complement each other well, I think?


I’d say definitely the right direction. Lot of information and little comic is well suited as an example for the tools you show-cased.
Hope my will be as good. And indeed they should complement each other.