How to run AppImage on Windows

Hello. I want to test the new brush modes but I don’t know how to do it. How can I open the testing for windows?


Appimage are for linux only.

If no portable version of windows has been created for testing, then you can’t test it.

If you’re talking about his brush mode

I don’t think @Deif_Lou built a windows version

If you’re talking about his one:

You have to download Win64 binaries.
(But in this case be aware that when you test a package -especially packages for krita 5- it’s highly recommended to made a backup of your Krita’s configuration file because it could made a terrible mess in resources when you go back to Krita 4.4)


Thank you, I want to test the new brush textures. They look very nice, I am excited. I will wait to see if a windows version will be made.

Do you know of a post on krita-artist that explain about backing up and using packages for beginners?

Let’s see if Dmitry is so kind of making a windows package on monday.


There’s a dedicated chapter in documentation :slight_smile:

In linux that’s as simple as download appimage, set it as executable and launch it.

For windows, I can’t guarantee that’s always the same process, but for Colorsmudge testing for example, it’s a portable version: download it, unzip it, and just execute Krita from unzipped directory


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Considering the original question, I’m going to try running Virtual Box on my Windows system and then installing Ubuntu in it to see if it runs a krita appimage with no problems.
If anybody’s already tried that, please say so.


Technically it works.
But it’s not the easiest way to test Krita.
And according to your configuration, experience of running Krita in a VM could be bad…


You can also run Ubuntu (or other distro) from a live USB, and test the appimage. You wouldn’t need to deal with a VM or installing the OS. I tested this approach and it worked fine.

Yes but that wouldn’t be running an appimage ‘on’ Windows.
It’s a few years since I used Virtual Box (on Linux) and I’d like to try it on Windows, later this evening when I have time. I’ll report on what happens :slight_smile:

However, your suggestion would be the most convenient way for @dweller to try an appimage if a Windows package wasn’t available.

Thank you for the replies. I will look at the documentation.

This is the first time learning about a liveusb. I think I will watch and read about liveusb more before trying. I only know download, unzip, and extract…

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It was a failure. After an annoyingly long installation time, it seemed to end the installation normallly then I had lots of squashfs errors. After shutting it down it then wouldn’t start.
I won’t be trying that again.

You tried to install a Linux distro in a VM, using VirtualBox in windows and didn’t worked? :astonished:
That’s usually very fast (but usually I start my VM from a Linux environment, not a windows environment) ans stable…


That’s right. I used Virtual Box about five years ago on Linux Mint with no problems so I’ve no idea what went wrong.
I may change my mind about trying it again if I have an hour to spare and nothing better to do at some time in the future.
It’s not something I feel any need to do though :slight_smile:


I hope so. I think most Krita users use Windows so it’ll help with testing more

Did you try the latest version of virtual box? I don’t think it really matters which linux you use but I like to use Manjaro because it already comes with the guest additions CD drivers installed.

If you’re able to eventually install it you can use your drawing tablet with pen pressure on virtual box by going to Devices > USB > and selecting your drawing tablet. I’m using a wacom

Hi @fizzyflower , I used version 6.1.22-144080 and I also installed the Extension Pack. Thank you for the USB and tablet advice for if I get to that point.
It’s probably something I overlooked for enabling/disabling or some option.
I’ll try again some time when I’m in the mood :slight_smile:

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@fizzyflower and Krita running in a VM is smooth on your side?
On my side, without graphic acceleration in VM, that’s unusable… :upside_down_face:


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Hi everyone, i’ve read that the next version of WSL on windows 10 could handle both GUI apps and use graphic acceleration (OpenGL), do you think pen pressure… will work too?

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It works okay with the graphics acceleration enabled and having a multi core CPU. But definitely not as fast as running linux directly on my computer

Hi, @dweller and @Deif_Lou!

Here is a testing package for the texture blending modes patch for Windows:


Thanks a lot Dmitry. I’ll add the link to the other thread.