Ink Pen (CSP-like)

I made a G pen brush, inspired by one of the brushes I usually use in Clip Studio:


Nicely done ^-^

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Very pleasant lines and easy to draw!
Thank you.

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Thanks nwn :heart:

Thank you so mucho and you’re welcome :heart:

The truth is that there are several brushes that I have created for Krita inspired by the CSP ones, I may soon launch a mini bundle with these :star:


cool, i’ll test that one preset, waiting to see the other :wink:


Ohh this is nice and as a user of csp i would appreciate those bruahes in krita, now how do i get those working on android lol

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You must import the brush from Manage Resources

The brush is imported with the Import Resources button

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Somehow the default brush is kind of small(20px) for me, i had to increase up to 70px to get similiar brush stroke like your drawing…

Yes, I chose the 20px size mostly because I wanted it to be small but not too small if someone just wanted to doodle, but at the same time larger sizes can be used without problems.

How about the performance of the brush? It is adjusted so that it works well with not very powerful computers, which is the case with my PC.

Great, that is very exciting. :kissing_heart:

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Ooo I see…
The performance is great, no problem on my samsung tab s4… :smiley:

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Hi first time here nice

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Nice brush, I was looking to try to make something like this but you got to it first.

Been using this brush for at least a week, and I must say it’s fun to ink with and also very practical. Looking forward to whatever else you may release.

Cute artwork by the way.

Rough inking pens are some of my favourite type of brushes :smiley: Thank you for this.

how do i download and install? i clicked the link but it just sends me to a png image

Brushes are PNG image :slight_smile:

Then rename the .png file to .kpp, and import .kpp from resource manager (Menu Settings > Manage resources…)


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thank you it worked!