[Keyboard shortcuts] Additional keyboard shortcut requests

Rather than creating a new thread for each command that is missing in the keyboard shortcut section for configuring Krita, I would like to consolidate them into a list in this thread. Please add your suggestions so they can be added to the list here.

  1. Transform options that appear with Ctrl+T > Right click, see Transform shortcuts
  2. Some dockers cannot be called upon by shortcut (e.g. the Snapshot docker, Undo History)
    Undo history in particular is a command that is commonly evoked with a shortcut as opposed to multiple ctrl+z presses in other software.
  3. Shortcuts for cycling shape tools: in Photoshop, you can assign the same shortcut to similar tools (e.g. and rectangle/ eliptical selection with “M”). With the tool active, pressing the hotkey again, results in it cycling through the tools. When the tool is activated with a hotkey, it uses the last used tool, meaning it is pretty efficient for using certain shapes or selections repeatedly, while not requiring many hotkeys for them to be used.
  1. I am also missing a toggle shortcut for the brush stabiliser, so I only need to press one button to acitvate and deactivate Brush Smoothing. This could be between the Weighted - Basic mode and the Stabiliser - Basic mode.

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but I found mapping “s” to weighted and “shift-s” to basic to be pretty OK. In any case, I think this kind of thing would be relatively simple to do as a python plugin.

If that’s possible, then that would be great. Unfortunately I don’t know python at all.

You can find this in Krita under “Settings” >> “Configure Krita” >> “Keyboard Shortcuts” under “Krita” >> “Painting”.

You do not need to know Python. But you could try to get to know Krita?


@Michelist Yes, but those are not toggle buttons, so you’d need to set multiple shortcuts. For things like this, I find it easier to press one button to switch between two modes. There are only so many keys available on a keyboard…

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  1. I would like the shortcut for fast switching between “Drawing angle” and “Tilt direction” control for the brush.
    Some time ago I already created the topic
    Fast switch between "Drawing angle" and "Tilt Direction"
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You could try to put this in an action, a tiny script, and put it into the actions folder. Take a look into one or two existing actions, or look into Krita’s Scripting School it’s not hard to learn. Take an existing action and swap the corresponding values in it, exchange some names …
You can do it, I’m nearly sure you can!


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Or maybe I’ll use a key sequence, since there are 3 options that I need, but I’ll definitely keep the suggestion in mind.

Do you happen to know ehere can I find a toggle action to get started?