Transform shortcuts

You know when press Ctrl+T to activate transform and then you have to go to the options to do the transform method you want?

How about having shortcut entries for each transform method ? And still you would be able to swap after as normal.

The objective would be if I have preference for one or two methods I would not need to use the options docker to swap out into it and I could just hit the shortcut to activate it.

I imagine this would speed up workflows related to photobashing as you insert images and transform a lot right after as it would not force you to go to the menu to get the correct method.

I don’t know how the transform is setup but I imagine making shortcuts for these would not be too hard to implement. Shortcuts is not quite the same as a entire feature.

I was watching a tutorial about concept artwork using photobashing and I was thinking krita can be better than this just a shortcut action here to skip menus.


In that case, how about hitting ctrl-t several times to cycle through the options?

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would that not mean you would have to like hit (Ctrl+T) x 3 to get what you want? and if you miss click the amount would it not be harder to cycle back into the correct method? I feel that would have a gainned difficulty though.

a thing like a pie menu would solve it with just a single menu but you still would need the actions for it to be triggearble.

Yes, but you would only have to memorize one shortcut and it would still be quite fast to get what you want. Granted, you will probably do a few mistakes and have to cycle through again the first times you use it.

How would a secondary pie menu work? There is already a pie menu in Krita… would this one only appear over the docker?

That should be another function that allows people to correspond to multiple tools with one shortcut key. Then it will switch between several tools when pressed multiple times. Csp does this, and I think it’s good. The design of the toolModifiers plug-in is also very good. It can press multiple times to return to the previous tool, which is also my favorite

In short, it does not conflict with the topic of the post

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all shortcuts relay on the fact you have to memorize it. and having a shortcut for each means you could select the ones you use the most for it.

having Shift+T and Alt+T would be more efficient than having (Ctrl+T) x3 and (Ctrl+T) x5. At least I think so.

But hitting several times on a transform shortcut to cycle would not be a bad idea to not use the docker to switch after the first selection method and cycle through. This would make it harder to implement though.


Not opposed to this at all, but above all I’d like to be able to trigger the transform by just pressing ‘ctrl-t’ without having to press ‘t’ first.

I think this [E: the discussion of the] proposal conflates three ideas:

  1. Shortcuts for each of the transform modes
  2. A shortcut for a transform modes pie menu
  3. A transform cycle shortcut

I would see uses for with 1 and 2. Ultimately, like Blender allows, is that users should be able to configure it any way they want, be it with a pie menu or with direct shortcuts. Don’t need all the individual shortcuts? Don’t set them up as hotkeys and if you don’t need the pie menu, don’t map a key to the pie menu function.

E: Toggling shortcuts (3) would be fine by me if it is for tools and single button shortcuts, otherwise you might risk activating something you didn’t want to in the first place.

There is no conflation, I am only asking for case 1.

As I said they are cool ideas. The others were suggestions that could expand it but not what is being asked from my part.

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@EyeOdin yes indeed, I rephrased my previous post. Your proposal is clear.