Krita Android app size

I just checked krita app size on android and it was whopping 5.5 gb! I’ve installed it for long time. Is it normal or is there some cleaning that i must do regularly? It was app data, not cache, so i’m afraid i’ll deleting all my config and resource.

@sh-zam might be able to answer this

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In my case I had to erase backup files in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.krita/files/Documents/krita-backup. It help to reduce krita app data size. But krita app size will still growing. I usually do Clear Data if the size too big after deleting backup files(I need to reconfigure krita from 0 tho)…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Hmm i can’t access the backup folder, so it seems my only choice is to clear app data and reconfigure it manually :sweat_smile:

Try a file-manager like “Total Commander for Android”, it can access more folders than the inbuilt file-manager.



Whoaa thanks Michelist! that’s really helps. I can clean 0.5gb backup, but more importantly, i can copy the config file :grin: thanks man!

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No, this isn’t normal! In-fact I’d appreciate any insight into what file or directory is consuming most of the storage space?

If it isn’t possible using a file manager on Android, you can mount the Android device on your PC (through MTP) and it should be able to tell you if it is Android/data/org.krita which is consuming so much data. And if so you can look which folder inside is the culprit.

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This is my attempt
Krita after few weeks use : 1.65 GB (backup cleaned, Android/data/org.krita around 220MB including 40MBs custom bundle)
Krita after Clear Data : 233 MB
First start default config : 442 MB (org.krita 194 MB)
I already check org.krita in Caja file manager, the result is same with my android file manager(Material Files). Most big size folder in org.krita is Document and Share and rousourcecache.sqlite.
Seems like the culprit isnt there​:thinking::thinking:

To be fully sure. So, the size of Android/data/org.krita/ doesn’t add up to 1.65GB?

Yes in my case, Android/data/org.krita mostly around 220MB. 442 MB + 220 MB doesnt add up to 1.65 GB…

This is possible if the temp cache files are being stored to some persistent internal location (users can’t access it) rather than temporary location.

My case was similiar with Keneeko, the org.krita was around 400mb. I’ve been use it for months. Last time i checked krita app size, it was around 3gb, but i thought that was common because other app i use, infinite painter, was around that size. Now my krita app data was 5gb after i clean the backup file.
Is it possible the size come from saved .kra file on another folder? Infinite painter got that size because they save the artwork internally.

I have found the probable cause of this (swap files weren’t getting deleted!), and pushed the fix. If it makes into tomorrow’s release, well and good. If it doesn’t I’ll update you when the nightly with this fix will be created, so we can be certain this is all that caused the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the insight!


Glad to hear! Thanks for the hardwork!! :grin:

Oh cool there will be new release tomorrow… :smiley:
Thanks for the hard work… ^^

Hello! Im sorry if i may come of as stupid but i have seen that on the kda page there is the fix for this issue of bloating, and even the fix for the file corruption, but i am very new to this and i dont understand what i should do to have these fixes on my device, can you give me any help??

You don’t need to do anything. The update has been rolled out, it will take a few days for Google to approve it, after that you should be to update it through Play Store :slight_smile:

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Understood now! Thank you for your time!!

I’m still waiting for the update to show up on the Playstore. Not there yet (for me at least).

It may take more than a week I think. I directly download the apk from krita web, the fix is working. No more big size data…