Plugin - Reference Tabs Docker

I prefer to view reference images in a separate window, so I made myself a docker for viewing reference images with the goal of being similar to viewing them in a web browser; having images in tabs, and being able to zoom, scroll, and mirror the images.

Example of its use (on the left):

referencing one of Krita’s previous splash screens, Blooming II by Tyson Tan, to draw some fanart of Kiki.

There are still some issues and things that could be improved, but I figured I would share it the way it is now in case anyone’s interested rather than waiting until I get around to working on it again.

It’s located here:
GitLab repo: Freya Lupen / Reference Tabs Docker · GitLab
Download link (.zip): .

The manual to explain the details (click to show):

Reference Tabs Docker

Open reference images in docker tabs, with zooming, scrolling, and mirroring.

File Menu

Open: Adds a tab and prompts to load an image.
Load: Prompts to load an image in the current tab.
Add Tab: Adds an empty tab.
Close Tab: Closes the current tab.

Zoom Setting Menu

Set the behavior of the “Fit to page” button to one of the following:

  • Fit page (Default)
  • Fit width
  • Fit height
  • Zoom 100%

Bottom toolbar

Below the image is a toolbar. This contains:

  • Zoom spinbox
  • Fit to page button
  • Vertical mirror button
  • Horizontal mirror button

Addtional notes

Memory usage is not optimized. Loading a large file and zooming in very close will use a lot of memory! This is because the entire image is being scaled, not just the visible part.
Zooming in uses the top-left corner instead of the center of the view.

Feedback, suggestions, and modifications are welcome.


Im same. Thank you for this :smiley: