SHIFT for painting straight lines WHILE drawing

While I like the SHIFT-and-drag feature for the brush tool to paint straight lines, there are cases, when the “Photoshop-way” is better - especially when I want to vary the brush stroke through pen pressure while painting.

My suggestion would be the following. When you press SHIFT before you start the brush stroke, it should be as it is now - basically switching to the Line tool. But when you press SHIFT after you started the stroke (now nothing happens) it should snap to a straight line (horizontal and vertical should be enough). Not a major deal breaker, but a nice addition to the functionality of the brush tool.

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It is “V” key to make straight line in Krita…

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By default, press the v before starting the brush strokes switch automatically to line tool

And currently by default, pressing SHIFT key before starting brush stroke trigger the “change brush size” mode

Invocation during a brush stroke, not sure if something has been implemented.

There’s already some feature request about improvement for that (more or less similar):


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“V” does nothing for me. Maybe because I switched to Photoshop-compatible in the shortcuts?



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Maybe “V” does nothing for me because I switched to Photoshop-compatible. Don’t know. Alas, SHIFT seems to be what “V” usually does for me now - switching to the Line tool. But the dual functionality of SHIFT-before-drawing and SHIFT-while-drawing, would be a nifty addition.

Since im currently drawing,
my Line tool is in V
Standard krita layout

V → start the line → SHiFT to snap to horizontal or vertical.

[its of the thing i use unknowingly]

edit: tested and its actually snap in 15? or 30 degree rotation

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Yeah. My layout is different because I come from Photoshop. But I know the Line tool - which is cool. This is about getting both versions, cause sometimes you want to vary the brush stroke while painting in a straight line, which the line tool doesn’t allow.

i can vary them though, its weakness is that its hard to see the variation initially till you release it - so you kinda try to feel it. :sweat_smile:

I do wish sometimes that it can be render while you do the line.

In times i really need to control the variation very much i just employ a parallel rule guide.


Did some tests…

It seems it’s not possible to trigger tool invocation while tool is used (I mean, once brush stroke is started)

But it’s possible to use shortcut.
It switch to line tool, but result is not expected: there’s a discontinuation in stroke as soon as switch to line tool is effective, and you have to release/press again to use line tool… (not useful because to stroke is not really drawn properly in this case)

The feature request might be to also be able to trigger tool invocation during a brush stroke (not sure if it’s really possible because there’s not only the brush, but possibly other tools to take in account…)



Ah. I didn’t realize that it respects the pen pressure while drawing the line. Than the issue is rather the slow refresh that you mentioned. But another issue is that I can’t go back and forth with the line tool and draw over itself. But as I said, just some idea that maybe the developers can pick up down the line. Maybe not too hard to implement.

yeah, i agree it can benefit to some improvement with it. performance and implementation wise.

discussion like this so we can be clear whats currently in there already and whats still need to be improve and the scope of the request.

honestly you made me look at the line tool indept. :sweat_smile: i was using it as is for awhile now.

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Hm, now that you bring that up, I kind of want a shortcut to create a temporary parallel line assistant. So you’d press the shortcut key, drag to define the angle of the assistant, and every line you draw would then be parallel to that line until you release the shortcut button. Possibly a toggle would be better. Either way, I think I would use that, unlike with the current assistant because toggling them on and off is just too much trouble for me usually.


Well, if the developers are up for that, why not. It just shouldn’t get too confusing to handle.

I was also contemplating to post the same feature request. That is because you actually draw a constrained line and therefire have access to pen pressure throughout its length. What might be nice is to give the tool 15 degree incremental constraints, so it effectually adds to the capabilities of straight line drawing beyond Photoshop’s when shift is held during a brush stroke.

The request for parallel lines reminds me of modal tools in Blender, subtools that are invoked through tool specific shortcuts, but it appears to be that line tool for the brush is already such a thing.


all interesting suggestion, the parralel guide is already there so i guess a combo that will invoke line + parallel guide / something as alternate invocation of the line tool , like the 15 deg constraint - seems feasible.

Maybe I’m missing something, but are you aware that you can assign shortcuts to toggle it on and off? Took a while for me to find it, but it’s there. :slight_smile:


Sure, but creating the assistant, muting any other assistants etc. is what goes over the “too much work” threshold for me for just simple parallel lines.

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I agree. This should be a quick an simple integration.