Stretched textures in brushes... Can it be done?

I’m hoping that this can be added to Krita.

Stretched textures give more of a natural random textured look rather than looking like someone stamped a stencil into the paint. Right now in Krita, texture looks too predictable.

A stretched texture looks more like actual breaking paint (remember Bob Ross as he applied thick paint with a palette knife to make the highlight textures for mountains and trees? :slightly_smiling_face:)

The users won’t have to worry about any rotation because the texture is stretched. (Works horizontally & vertically).

Might even look good in some places for hair highlights!

(Showing examples):
The following textures had been done with another drawing app using just such a brush. Making these effects goes much more quickly with just a stroke or two. This type of brush is also good with smudging as well.


This one is just to show you how it works with one stroke.


So we use an image sample and instead of stamping it over and over, we simply stretch it on an invisible “band”? Corel Painter has something like that, I just took a small sample from your examples. With different brushes that use that engine, I can then paint it in color, stretch it, change brush modes…

Clip Studio Paint also has something like that, it is called “Ribbon” there.

Would be cool to see something like that in Krita, for sure. But I think it would be a ton of work.


@TheFlow Your example was done in Corel Painter? :thinking: Looks nice.

Seems like you described it right.

Yes, I got it for under 30$ back then in 2019. Krita is so good, I don’t care for Painter anymore ^^


I remember being talking with @dkazakov about this. Maybe if the team find a hole in the schedule, could be considered. I left here the video i shared if this helps to show the feature in movement


Yes, that’s it @RamonM ! It would be great to have this added to Krita. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think this could be done in the same engine that would introduce “Ribbon brush”: Ribbon Brush - #10 by tiar


That would be awesome!! :+1:t2:

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No… as far as I know about CSP, they have nothing in common. CSP doesn’t change the texture, it just handles dab in some way. So the randomness depends on how many DAB you set.

Compared with the engine, I prefer it to be a dab option, so that it can inherit other parameter functions, just like in CSP.

Can I test already that brush engine? Nah… I am :upside_down_face: I know you need more time but it will be interesting to see how evolves. Thanks