Vector Library Drawing Templates

Hi all! I’m here with another resource, this time I had a look at Krita’s inbuilt Vector Libraries Docker.
I decided to make some scalable vector drawing templates from scratch in Krita, and then exported the results into a separate Library file that can be loaded and directly accessed in-application, without having to sort through various folders etc.

So far I have made 3 templates:

  • Rule of Thirds

  • Golden Ratio

  • Film Safe Area Template

The idea to compile these templates came from looking at old Krita feature request pages; without knowing how to code automatic guides, I just came up with these instead :grin:

For the library component, I directly used @tiar 's method of importing .svg files directly into Krita resource folders, which can be found here.
(Sorting out the Golden Ratio template was very tedious :persevere:)
If you want to check out my completed files, they are freely available here.

Thanks again to the developers for the enormous amount of solutions and workarounds that have been put up online for these sorts of endeavours!

(I hope this hasn’t been thought of already!)


Wow, it’s really cool!

Also, just saying, those two years ago I was not only not a Krita developer yet, but not even dreaming of it! I was just another user on the subreddit… just involved in user support. I had no contact with actual developers or anything :slight_smile:

I also apparently had much more time than I have now :frowning: Now I probably wouldn’t go to such lengths to find the solution, because the amount of help requests on reddit is just way too much :frowning:

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Aha how much 2 years changes things :sweat_smile:

I don’t really pay attention to the dates on most posts as I’m reading them, so I very well can end up adding resources that have already been made before! I just hope I can remember to check the time period before I get too invested :laughing:

It’s also very easy to get caught up imagining how cool these suggested features would be, without understanding how much time they take to develop :sleepy: Just that one symbol library took me a good day or so to finish completely :neutral_face:

I wonder if there would be any more support for vector templates such as this, though I’m unsure whether people just download templates from the internet in the first place. Who knows.

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Update: I have finished the second iteration of my Composition Templates package, which now includes 9 vector files!

Link to the free Gumroad file is here. I encourage you all to have a look if you’re interested, and give some feedback if you can :smile:

I got most of the ideas for the templates from online, so I’m sure there’s plenty of information on how to create awesome compositions using these templates!

The 6 new additions to this library were relatively easy to design in Krita, however I had a bit of trouble for both the Harmonious Triangle and Baroque Diagonal Templates; they required a right angle between intersecting lines. So far, I’m not aware of any function in Krita that allows for inputting vector angles, therefore I was left to rely on my personal vector calculus understanding to produce the intersection coordinates (highschool throwback :laughing:)

Anyway, I hope these files are useful for those creative types out there; I can’t easily recall any more composition guides that could be added to this pack, so I might leave this alone for a while.

If there are any issues with the files, let me know and I’ll try my best to assist!


This is really useful, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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No problem, glad to help out!