White outline when trying to fill a shape

Hello everyone,

I’m having a very basic issue with Krita: I don’t know how to fill an area without causing a white outline.

I tried adjusting the fuzziness of the contiguous selection tool and parameters of the bucket fill tool. I tried looking for this info online and I can’t find the answer. Increasing the area taken by the marching ants in the selection tool config didn’t help either. Filling with a brush or the bucket produces the same issue.

Looking on krita-artists for keywords such as fill, outline and selection didn’t help. I’m aware that colorize masks are a thing and I’ve used those, but IMHO it’s overkill to use this just to fill a black rectangle with black paint (that’s literally what I’m trying to do).

The same goes IMHO for alpha inheritance, I’d like to fill this area on the same layer and not use masks of any kind.

I’ve also read those topics:

I also tried searching on YouTube but most of the results are for programs other than Krita.

It’s pretty obvious that I don’t know something very basic. So, help please :sweat_smile:

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For the Fill tool, is Limit to Current Layer enabled and (only if you have a selection made) is Fill Entire Selection enabled?
For the selection tool, is Antialiasing disabled and is grow/shrink and feathering set to zero.
If not, please try those settings.
If none of that works, you can post a download link for your .kra file and someone can have a look at it to see what might be happening.


I’ve set what you suggested in the selection tool:

Anti-aliasing was enabled, I disabled it explicitly.

[continuing since I cannot post two screenshots in one post :frowning: ]

and now I’m trying to fill the rectangle after applying the suggested settings:

I have three rectangles, two of them I want to fill with color (black/gray). I tested on a fresh one.

For the Contiguous Area Selection tool, also tick Limit to current layer (in case a layer underneath has content that affects it).
Your white rectangles on the black frame background don’t have clean edges so that affects where the selection stops. You could adjust the Fuzziness setting to try to extend the selection out or you could just grow the selection to make it go where you want it.
If you do a manual rectangular selection, does that Fill ok?

P.S. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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It worked!



Thank you @AhabGreybeard ! :smiley:

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