Rakurri Brush Set - Free Krita brushes 😁

Video showcase of some of the brushes:
Rakurri Brush Set V1.0

The Krita community is amazing! I want to give something back to this wonderful community! These are the brushes I use, and I hope that you might get some enjoyment from them :blush:
Most of them are brushes I made especially for stylized drawings, and most of them are based around pen tilt to do some cool things! Some of the brushes are slight tweaks on Krita’s default brushes since I made this brush pack to include every brush I need, including basics like an airbrush.

Everything you draw with my brushes will of course be yours! No need to credit me!
It is not the brushes that make the artwork, it’s the person using them! :blush:
In the download you will find a PDF named “Rakurri Brush Set V1.0”, this includes information like how to install the brush pack, and what to do if your tablet does not support pen tilt!



cool, thanks for sharing :wink:

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I’ve downloaded and installed the bundle, they work (of course they work!) and you’ve made a fantastic range of brushes there. I’ve been having fun with the rainbow brush and adjusting various parameters to get different effects.
Thank you for these :slight_smile:

P.S. It’s admirable that you made a very distinctive structured set of icons for them too.

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Hearing that you like them makes me so happy! (And that they work, phew! :smile:)
Thanks a lot, Ahab! :blush:

And thanks mco! :blush:

Only saw a video for now, but they look really cool! Especially those blending brushes and the one that changes from sketching to shading brush… Shame I don’t have tilt anymore, but maybe I could figure out how to make it work in a different way.

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That’s so great to see other people creating their resources :slight_smile: Especially with tilt support is it is one of my favorite features since I got new tablet.
Everything seems to work fine - I already picked 6 presets for some further testing :wink:

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Thank you! Happy you think so! :grin: And aw, I haven’t tried making the sketching-to-shading brush work for non-tilt, the other ones can be converted to work ok, but that one just turns into a normal pencil without tilt support :sweat_smile: Would indeed be nice to make it work somehow!

That makes me glad to hear! :grin: And thank you so much!

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I just watch the video and is amazed! I look forward to experimenting with them :D.

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Thank you so much! Hope you’ll like them! :grin:

So I just learned that my tablet comes with tilt support through this brush pack. It’s like im in a whole new world *o*


Happy to hear so Malle Yeno! :grin: I really like tilt-supported brushes myself. I remember when I first found out about it back in my Photoshop days, I was so mind-blown! I wen’t for a long time not knowing my pen could do that! Since almost all the brushes I downloaded and tested did not have it on by default, and it wasn’t something I looked for! :sweat_smile:

Clip Studio not having good tilt-support (it didn’t nicely show the tilt in the brush outline) is the main reason I chose Krita over Clip when I looked for a new painting program to use after cancelling my Adobe subscription. Krita even had better tilt support than Photoshop! (Photoshoped showed a preview of the brush and the tilt, but the preview froze the moment your pen hit the screen, in Krita it shows the tilt even when drawing!) And I am so happy I discovered Krita, and that Krita has such great support for tilt-brushes! :smile:


I just want to echo the sentiment. I downloaded the brushes a couple days ago and used them almost exclusively for the portrait i submitted today. I’m new to digital art and they are invaluable.

I love that there is a range of brushes but moreover they have tilt control too.

Thank you for the awesome tools.

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That makes me very happy to hear! :grin::grin:
It was a fantastic start of the day to read your nice comment, thank you :blush:
The portrait looks nice, keep up the great work!