[SELLING] Open for painted commissions!


I'm constantly open for painted digital commissions (Waiting list is used as needed). My main focuses are anthro, animals and fantasy creatures but I can paint other subjects too. I accept NSFW commissions as well.

I take payments via PayPal invoices only. The prices above are guidelines and are for personal use. For commercial licensing higher prices apply.


Coming soon...


  • Prices are in USD. Payment via PayPal invoice. 50% in advance, the remaining upon completion. Finished art is delivered after the invoice is fully paid.
  • Refunds are proportional to the work already completed and may be subject to a termination fee. You are paying for my time and work, not for the end result.
  • A sketch will be shown for approval, additional WIPs may be shown. Major or unreasonable revisions cost extra. If I make an error entirely on my own fault, the fix is always free.
  • I keep ownership, copyright, moral rights and commercial rights of the artwork, eg. I can sell prints and merch with the art. Commercial rights for you are NOT included by default - they are available at extra cost. Third parties can share and distribute the art as long as they credit me, don’t change it, claim as their own, or profit from it (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).
  • Consent is needed from everyone whose OC(s) are to be depicted. This includes gift art.
  • You can use it as avatar/profile pic/Facebook header etc.

[ Full TOS ]

For more information please contact me via Telegram (preferred), E-mail, or send me a Private Message on this site.

Honesty, I think you are too cheap. With your skill and quality, judging from what I’ve seen so far, you could take double the amount. For full illustration at least.

Yes, I’m too cheap for the quality, but it’s not as simple as that. I’m still way too slow, my productivity is inconsistent, and my audience is small.

I need to get much faster and more consistent with my output, then I can advertise more and try to build up demand so that I can raise and still have consistent amount of incoming work, etc. Since commissions is my sole source of income I can’t afford the “I’ll raise anyway and demand will eventually follow” route.

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