Call for Artwork for the 5.0 release notes

Hi everyone,

if you’ve been following Krita for a while, you’ll know we like to spruce up our release notes with artwork made with Krita, to show what can be done with it, as well as to show our community. And we’d like to do the same for the 5.0 release notes.

So here’s us asking you for artwork that you’ve made with Krita! Please link or attach images we can use for this to this thread.

There’s a few rules that need to be followed:

  • There is no set topic: just show off what you think you do best! But…
  • No gore or pornography. Nudity is fine, flashing swords are fine, people being strangled by their own guts, no.
  • No fan-art or characters copyrighted by others than you.
  • Made using Krita: you can use other tools, too, but Krita has to be used for most of the work.
  • It does not need to be unique for the release notes or particularly finished. Cool sketches and impressive drafts are welcome!
  • If you have a website link, such as a portefolio or social media handle, we can attach it.

Examples: 2.9 release notes, 3.0 release notes, 4.0 release notes.

There’s additional artwork types that would also be welcome:

  • Better screenshots for the 5.0 features. In particular, better images to demonstrate the new brush features would be great, so if you’ve been doing tests and have something that is really demonstrative, it’d be great if we could use it.
  • We also have updated our splash screen to be high-dpi compatible, but this meant that the holiday splash screen got lost. The image we need for this is 1920x960, and preferably should invoke the season more than it’s traditions.

Thanks in advance!


I made this one recently with 5.0 beta, you can use it however you want to promote Krita and on release page, if you think it will be good for the page.

You can find a bit bigger resolution here


I use krita alpha daily for a long time now, you can use images in the link if you think it can be used for the release note

My Instagram


That may not be my most recent work, and I used it in my brushpack and many other places, but that’s definitely the best I got:

But if you prefer anything else, I’ll agree for you to use any of the artworks from my portfolio:

In terms of brush screenshots - maybe something like this:



I’m an illustrator/animator, and my brother and I make clothes with the illustrations I make using exclusively Krita. I also do “Draw with Me” videos on YouTube where I show how I use Krita to create my animations and illustrations.

Artwork Link:
Call for Artwork - Krita 5.0.0 Release Notes – Google Drive

Our Links:
Tor Designs
Tor Designs - YouTube


Here i am with my artworks done in Krita 5. They show the RGBA brushes i heve been working on.

Painted with a classic style. No reference this time, so a good exercise.

Promo image for RGBA brushes. Exercise showing a fast portrait. Again no reference.

This is what i painted for the video Oil painting with NEW RGBA-wet impasto brushes in KRITA 5 - YouTube

The cover i did for the RGBA-wet bundle for Krita 5.

I can gather more mages if needed

All these images are CC BY SA


Hi @RamonM I painted a study of an apple with the RGBA brushes. I’ve recorded the process as well so I’ll edit and upload a video too toward the end of the week.
Working on a few more things as well.
My website is


@thimblefolio The apple looks like a photo! :open_mouth:

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@RamonM lovely work! I love the horse especially! :horse:

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We still need help creating a good variety of screenshots on various operating systems that show off different workspaces, different functions, especially those new in Krita 5!

I think we also need some good cartoony examples, or anime/manga style and comics. Surprisingly often I see people asking if Krita is good for this too or only for realistic fine arts or matte painting.


Yes, we need a good spread of images.


It’s also fine to send images and screenshots to!

It seems that there aren’t many anime illustrators working exclusively in or mostly with Krita.
Maybe it’s because Krita is still maturing to become an excellent program for these. Nevertheless, it’s perfectly possible to draw, ink, or paint in anime style with Krita today. I can’t say it’s not convenient for anime illustration. But for comic making, there’s still room for improvement/maturation. Laying out the panels so that they respect dialogue areas, bleed areas, and finish size is not so easy or ergonomic. Document guides can’t be set in a way that they respect precise position placement, in pixels, or metric units etc. You have to use workarounds and tips that can help, instead of using straight forward, dedicated tools/settings that make the job much much easier. You’re pretty much left with drawing in the traditional way for your comic unless you know these helping tips and tricks.
For information, I personally use layer styles and guides set from a template kra file to layout comic panels and draw manga with it.
Anyway. Krita is great still. I’ve been using it for more than a year now for my works. So I’m quite comfortable with it I guess. It competes well.


Thanks, yes it turned out pretty good. Doing more studies, I’ll do some looser ones as well.

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Nightscene. About 2hrs20. Used mostly RGBA, and a bit of speckle/airbrush/charcoal. :slight_smile:


Video process here:


All my Krita 5 artworks have sausages… :sweat_smile:
Don’t know if sausages are allowed, but these one are made using Krita 5 (prealpha or beta 1 or beta 2)

Can be used if you want:



Painted a lemon/orange slice- don’t worry I’ll move on from fruit soon. Bright colours arghhhh!