Resource bugs in Krita 5

Thank you. That’s something that shouldn’t be happening so I’ll check it out. Are you adding the colors in the palette docker or with a color picker?

With the colour picker tool from the Toolbox and set to add to a palette in the Tool Options docker.

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Ahh, that’s one thing that is on my eternal TODO :slight_smile: I kinda expected it to work since I fixed it for the palette docker, but it looks like it’s not.
And I just noticed that someone marked it as “working” - with “I can’t reproduce any problems with it”, I guess the problems to watch out for weren’t described.
Do you think that waiting for saving the palette until closing Krita or user saving the palette manually in the palette docker (whichever comes first) would be acceptable? I mean that’s the strategy I use in the Palette Docker, too.

I wonder if I could make it so changing the palette when there is no need for a new version yet would just replace the file as it was doing before… ehhh… I dunno, @halla should know :smiley:

I can understand the idea of wanting to be able to go back to a previous state after making changes because it’s always possible to accidentally make ‘bad’ changes and then regret them.
I think there should only be one ‘backup’ per session/saving as you describe. There comes a point where the user has to take responsibility for ‘bad changes’ and learn to be more careful in future and make regular personal/manual backups.

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Great work on the resource rewrite! I have been testing out the latest 5.0 alphas recently, and so far they have been wonderful! It works much much better!
Though, these are the bugs I have encountered when getting back to making brushes, this time using Krita 5 builds. I use Windows 10

Importing brushes (brush tips) in the Brush Editor sometimes do not work anymore

I have two brush tips
only the latter shows up, as I renamed it after adding white to its background, and then it showed up.
It acts kinda similar to the name problem that is described below with brush presets. Deleting tip)_Foily and renaming tip)_Foilyy to tip)_Foily makes nothing appear in the Brush Editor.
I am uncertain as to why. Other brushes I try to import also won’t show up, though, some do!

What I am starting to think might happen, is that I might have added the same pngs, but with different names. “RakurriCoolstroke”, which is a brush/brush tip with a silly WIP name, has the same png image as the one I try to add “tip)_Flametip”. Maybe Krita detects that the brush is already there in the new version and refuses to add another where the only difference is the name?

Renaming brush presets is still broken/confusing in some regards.
(Sorry if I get a bit rambly here)
My main problem:

  • Sometimes I get “locked out” from using names. For instance, I had a brush called “rwip)_Aquapastel”, I tweaked it and wanted to give it a new thumbnail. I call the new version “rwip)_Aquapastell” (with two “l”) just to be sure. The problem now is that I cannot overwrite or call the new one “rwip)_Aquapastel”, as it will disappear. I cannot delete “rwip)_Aquapastel” from the folder, and then rename “rwip)_Aquapastell” in the folder to “rwip)_Aquapastel” as that will make them both dissapear inside Krita (not in the folder). This does not make sense.
  • Maybe it would be better (if possible) if the name inside Krita and the name inside the resources folder always were the same? So that calling/Renaming a brush Mybrush1 inside Krita would make it be called Mybrush1 inside Krita as well as inside the folder, and then make a .backup0001 of the previous. Instead of how it is now, with the new one being Mybrush1.0001 inside the folder and still called for instance Mybrush1 inside Krita?
  • It’s surprisingly hard to update the brush preset’s thumbnail. Saving over an old name simply do not work for me; it will keep its old thumbnail. I have to give the brush a new name, which is annoying if I really liked the name.

To kind of explain what goes wrong, I toyed around with common scenarios, and wrote down my experiences. I am sorry if it feels rambly. With the limited time I have now I haven’t spent a long time finding the most efficient ways to recreate the issues, but I think the block of text below can give an idea of why I think it’s confusing, and what might cause the problems:

Click here for an example

Lets’ say I want to make a new brush

I select “i)_Wet_Paint” as my brush, i change it some to make my own, and then i select “Save New Brush Preset…”

I save it as “Mybrush1” and makes a thumbnail for it

I click “Save”

Now I want to make a better thumbnail for it

I tweak the brush a bit more and makes a new thumbnail for it
I “Save New Brush Preset…” and call it the same name, “Mybrush1”, because I want to save over the old one with a new thumbnail, this is the only way to do it from within Krita.

I click “Save”

Even when restarting Krita, the picture is not updated, it still uses the old one.

I change the brush again, and this time save a new preset as “Mybrush2”

This time it works. Since it works now, I want to replace Mybrush1 with Mybrush2

I delete Mybrush 1 inside Krita
(Mybrush 1 is still inside the folder paintoppresets folder)

I rename the Mybrush2 to Mybrush1 from within Krita

I restart Krita

Just to test, I delete the newly created Mybrush2.0001 so that the folder only contains Mybrush1 and Mybrush2

Now the brush is glitched
(Selecting it will make Krita select another instead.)

Let’s try something else

I bring back Mybrush2.0001 into the folder.

I delete Mybrush2 from the folder, as Mybrush2.0001 is the new one

I restart Krita

It now works, again, but is now strangely called Mybrush1 inside Krita, but with our new thumbnail that we wanted.

I try deleting Mybrush2.0001, restart Krita, and now I dont have any brush at all. “Mybrush1” is still in the folder, but nothing appears in Krita.

I try to bring back Mybrush2.0001

Now Mybrush1 appears again inside Krita

I rename Mybrush1 to Mybrush2 (all inside of Krita)
That works, now Mybrush2.0002 appeared in the folder, and it shows as Mybrush2 in Krita

I now want to rename this (Mybrush2.0002) brush into Mybrush1
And to keep my folder organized, I would delete the other ones.
I close Krita, and delete Mybrush1 and Mybrush2.0001 from the folder

I rename Mybrush2.0002 to Mybrush1, as that is it’s correct name

I open Krita

Now none of the brushes (MybrushX) there anymore

I rename Mybrush1 inside the folder to Mybrush3 and restart Krita

Now it’s there again, weirdly called Mybrush 2 inside of Krita, but Mybrush3 inside the folder

Let’s try to make a new brush - I want to have a brush that acts similar, and i NEED it to be called Mybrush1

I make a completely new brush from inside the Brush Editor

“Save New Brush Preset”, I draw in the “paint in this area” and makes a new thumbnail. This time it works. Mybrush3

Let’s delete it from inside Krita. And restart. Now, as expected, only Mybrush2 shows up

I change Mybrush2, change the tip and rename it Mybrush1
Restart Krita
Changes did not make it as it didn’t want to save.

Make a new brush, Mybrush4
I delete Mybrush1 from the folder
rename the new Mybrush4 to Mybrush1
Restart Krita

Now both of our brushes are called Mybrush1 inside of Krita, but the names in the folder are

Mybrush4.0001 and Mybrush3.0001 are probably the correct ones, so I delete the ones without the .0001 at the end, and rename my brushes
inside the folder

Now BOTH brushes do not exist inside Krita

I change their name inside the folder to

Now they show, but they are again called Mybrush1 inside Krita, both of them.

I have a hard time changing the thumbnail of already created presets, and sometimes my presets can’t be renamed to preset names I have used before, as they just disappear. This means that I can come up with the perfect name for a brush, and then kind of lock myself out of that name.

Thank you for reading


Brush tip problem discovery
Regarding the “Importing brushes (brush tips) in the Brush Editor sometimes do not work anymore” problem. I continued working on the brush pack, and I found out partially what is happening.
It seems that most of the brushes I import are deleted by default. Sounds weird, but they are imported as a deleted resource.

In “Settings → Manage Resources” I checked “Show deleted resources”, and there the brush tips I tried to import appeared. Weirdly enough the default for me is that they are most often “deleted”, so when I select the brush that wouldn’t show up, and press “Undelete Resources”, then they appear in the Brush Editor just as I wanted them to! Weird

A suggestion for the Manage Resources window
The new Manage Resources window is brilliant btw! It’s a lot more informative and helps me a lot in brush creation. One thing I would have loved as well, was if you select a resource, say a Brush Tip, then a list of what presets are using that resource is displayed. That would be very useful. That way I could clean my resource folders without having to fear deleting a resource that a preset of mine is using. Or knowing if I have assigned a brush tip that is not supposed to be assigned something. Checking this manually is a time-sink when working with a lot of unfinished brushes. (I should probably write a Feature Request for this)

Overwriting Brush Preset warning
I also want to bump this feature request. It’s not a bug, but it almost feels like one, as especially beginners might panic if they click the wrong button when trying to save a new brush preset. People are not used to programs that are smart enough to do backups like Krita :wink: Though, recovering the preset is a time sink each time I press the wrong button on accident. If it’s worth the time, I think it would be a great feature in Krita 5 to make the brush management feel even more complete:

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Can you please check and confirm that only the resources that are already in the other places are marked as deleted? It was made to make sure that the user won’t see duplicated resources…

Thank you <3 Some credits for the design go to everyone who participated in Resource Manager Mockup - updated design (March 2021), especially @simonrepp for this suggestion: Resource Manager Mockup - updated design (March 2021) - #37 by simonrepp (implementation was done by me and @Lynx3d ). Btw, have you felt the need for the “All” option in the storages combobox? It’s a bit tricky to do; I wonder if it’s important enough to work on it before Krita 5.0, or better focus on something else. Like .abr files in bundles :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I feel so too, but I can’t really do it for now: I can’t access the information which resources use that brush tip unless I load every single resource that can use that brush tip. Which is exactly the opposite what we want to do (Krita 5 tries to not load the resources, only show the thumbnails, to save RAM). I was thinking of adding this relationship to the resources database, which we use for names and thumbnails, but there has been some discussion about it… so for now, it’s not done, so I couldn’t add it.

Not a bad thing to have, but string freeze is already there and that means no new user string can go into the repository (that’s to ensure translators have time to translate Krita with programmers changing the strings all the time). It would need a special permission from @halla and then, I think, the translators, or at least an email to the mailing list…

I was thinking of adding a warning about adding .abr files to a bundle, since it’s a tricky thing to do and I’m not sure if I can manage it before 5.0, but maybe I’ll manage to just implement it…

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I will try making some more brushes to test more thoroughly tomorrow! As it’s getting very late where I live. Will update you on my findings as soon as I test more!

I am a bit unsure what the combobox is.
Is it the box at the top of the Manage Resources, where you select Brush Tips, Gamut Masks, Gradients and so on? I haven’t spent a lot of time there yet, so it’s early to say, but I can’t see myself using a “All” there, as I personally find it nicely laid out as it is.
Or do you mean the second box with “Local Resources” and all the bundles. An “All” there would be “cool”, but I can’t see myself using it much at all, as I mostly care about the “Local Resources”.

That is understandable. The release so far is already brilliant, no matter if the feature makes it or not - the Krita team already has tooons to be proud of for the 5.0 release! :grin: Thank you for the hard work!

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Seems to be the case!
I have tested by making several new png brush tips, some unique, some transparent and some non-transparent, and importing them, some sharing the same picture but with different names.

  • Seems that transparency has no effect, both works. Super!
  • Importing completely new brush tips works as expected
  • Importing a brush tip that is already added, but with a different name makes it import as “deleted”
    (Personally, I think this should be imported as “not deleted” by default, so that the user themselves can delete the old one if they want. Alternatively show a message, and maybe allow users to rename brush tips via the Brush Editor)
  • Importing a brush tip that shares name with a previous brush tip do not add the brush tip at all.
    (Personally, I think this should show some visual indication akin to “Not added as there is already a brush named X”. Alternatively adding the brush with a “.0001” or “1” behind it’s name)
Click to open feature ideas. These are kind of off-topic

I have some feature requests, should I make a new thread, one for each, or collect them into one larger?
These are not too important, but “nice-to-haves” I find myself wanting when using the new Resource system more.

Refresh Resources button
I do not know if this is possible or how hard it is to implement, but a “Refresh Resources” button would be brilliant, so that users do not need to restart Krita each time they do changes in the folder/resource manager. Maybe a shortcut to restart Krita could be an effective alternative?

Sort options in the Resource Manager
I would like to be able to sort by name instead of ID.
For instance, my recovered Airbrush is at the bottom of the list, instead of with the other Airbrushes. Not a big deal, but I imagine it to get gradually more messy as I develop brushes.
If this is easy to implement, file size and type as well. A fun one related to

Is to sort by most used. Also that way the user can find what brushes/patterns are not used, making it easier to delete unused ones. Though, I understand that this did sound hard to do, and might not be worth the trouble.

"Deleted indication" when “Show deleted resources” is enabled
When “Show deleted resources” is on, I think there should be a little trash can icon or a red square around the deleted ones, so they are easy to spot. To find deleted ones right now, I click the “Show deleted resources” on and off again to see where the resources move. I also do not want to click on each singular resource to see whether they are deleted or not. A little icon will speed up this process.

That’s a great idea, I’ll try to implement that (try as in, depending on time).

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Just to sum up the thread and let you know guys about the progress:
(Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #2 by fizzyflower)

  1. [X] Bundle creation
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #6 by fizzyflower)
  2. [X] Resources in subfolders in the resource folder (please check; I just fixed it today, but more testing would be good)
  3. [X] Resources from subfolders are still not properly embedded to or read from a bundle.
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #38 by fizzyflower)
  4. [_] Resources database gets broken because it doesn’t recognize the resources has been moved into or from a subfolder… Not sure if it should be supported though, at most it would recognize a new resource and that an old resource has been removed. That’s not good for database continuity, but it’s not done by Krita, so it can just not be supported. NOTE: No, actually it breaks brush packs that worked in Krita 4. See FizzyFlower's "ESSENTIAL" 180+ Brush Set (Cloud, Paint, Hair, Fur, FX, Foilage, Trees, Leaves, Texture, Smudge, and more!) - #31 by pagna and further.

(Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #15 by Michelist)

  1. [X] Lack of search bar in Fill Tool → Pattern

(from Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #20 by AhabGreybeard)

  1. [X] Palettes - saving in the appimage folder when using Color Sampler (fixed, I hope)
  2. [_] Palettes - too many versions when using Color Sampler - this is more complicated. I tried to make it only save sometimes, but then the Palette docker doesn’t know about the changes… so it’s even more broken than now.

(from Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #25 by Rakurri and Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #26 by Rakurri)

  1. [_] Importing a new resource with the same MD5 as existing resource of the same type makes the new resource import as “deleted” - this needs discussion with @halla, the idea was to not show duplicated resources to the user, but if they have different names… though, note: the brush presets will find the brush tip no matter if they look “deleted” for the user or not.
  2. [_] Renaming brush presets is still broken/confusing in some regards. → when there is the same name involved, especially. Might need consultation with @halla again.
  3. [_] (FR) Dependant resources and resources that depends on the selected resource shown in the Resource Manager - only possible if we change the database scheme
  4. [X] Overwriting Brush Preset warning
    (from Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #29 by Rakurri)
  5. [_] Importing a brush tip that shares name with a previous brush tip do not add the brush tip at all.
  6. [_] (FR) Refresh Resources button - only in 5.1, because of the string freeze, sorry! - or maybe I could use an icon… but it would need a tooltip :frowning:
  7. [X] Sort options in Resource Manager - I made it sorted by Name, no new options will be possible in 5.0, at least, we can think for the future though. But for “resources that no other resource depends on” might be better as checkbox, for example. Or some automated cleanup, even.
  8. [_] (FR Trash icon (or other indication) for deleted resources in Resource Manager

(Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #39 by Renderluz)

  1. [X] Importing .abr brush tips via brush tips chooser in Brush Editor

(Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #41 by SchrodingerCat)

  1. [X] Bundles can’t be read on MacOS - 438660 – Krita 5.0 has no resource bundle if a fresh installation was first started using a non-English locale under Windows

(Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #47 by Mythmaker)

  1. [_] (FR) Separate sliders for choosers previews

(Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #50 by Eranthis_stellata)

  1. [X] The resource pack cannot store the website. I filled in the website when I created the resource pack, but it cannot be displayed after importing it.
  2. [X] The resource pack creation time is always 1970.
  3. [X] The update time is not displayed after the resource pack is updated.
  4. [_] (FR) Better bundle creator, with filtering of resources
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #55 by Eranthis_stellata)
  5. [X] Old bundles not displayed correctly (email, website and license metadata)
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #60 by Eranthis_stellata)
  6. [_] Brush tip from disabled bundle doesn’t show up in the Brush Editor
  7. [X] Bad gradients previews in Resource Manager
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #66 by Eranthis_stellata)
  8. [X] Tagging shouldn’t switch tag to All
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #68 by Eranthis_stellata)
  9. [_] Selection in Resource Manager is not very visible.
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #70 by Eranthis_stellata)
  10. [_] Add “All active libraries/bundles” in Resource Manager.
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #71 by Eranthis_stellata)
  11. [X] Resources sorted by Id instead of by Name in Popup palette.
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #78 by Eranthis_stellata)
  12. [X] Wrong filtering in the Resource Manager
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #80 by Eranthis_stellata)
  13. [_] Brush tips in Resource Manager don’t show transparency
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #81 by Eranthis_stellata)
  14. [_] Gradients in Create Resources Bundle aren’t painted correctly.
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #82 by Eranthis_stellata)
  15. [_] Functionality issues with selections in Resource Manager

(Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #63 by TheTwo)

  1. [_] MyPaint brushes don’t appear when going from Krita 4 to Krita 5
    (Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #76 by TheTwo)
  2. [_] Weird shortcuts issue

Other threads:

  1. Overwriting workspaces doesn’t work: Krita 5 : overwriting workspace does not work
  2. Brush Presets in All and All Untagged don’t show that the brush preset has been changed: 5.0 In "Brush Presets", tags other than All and All Untagged do not show that the brush presets have been changed.


  1. Some vector libraries do not work in 5.0 Resource bugs in Krita 5 - #87 by AhabGreybeard

Please let me know if I missed anything.


I don’t know how you will imement it, but I would add a caution as having an icon can also confuse user in believing that the resources is not yet deleted but they can delete it by pressing the icon. It think it depends on how you implement the gui hint. Sorry if this is about something else or if I misunderstood the request.


Hmm, weird, it works for me:

And this is the smallest dialog I can get:

And I downloaded the build from today (appimage) and it works the same way.

With an extra large UI font, it is indeed possible to make the dialog small enough for that tab widget to be cut off at the bottom…and the transform tab get squished really badly :stuck_out_tongue:

Something must be ignoring minimum size hint here…

btw. if memory serves me correctly, that part simply didn’t resize properly at all, which I fixed a few weeks (months?) ago…


It was the font size, because I am visually impaired this is the first thing I set up in every software I use, I have to enlarge the dialog. Thank you!


From testing it looks like loading from subfolders in resource folder works fine now if a new brush present is overwritten or created in Krita 5 while the brush tips are in a resource folder.

It still doesn’t automatically load the brush tips that are in subfolders for brush presents previously created. The brush presents and patterns in sub folders that are linked to the brush loads fine but the brush tips still don’t load correctly. It only shows the triangle.svg shape because it’s the only brush tip that’s not within in a subfolder. If the brushes tips are out of the subfolder but the brush presents and patterns are in subfolders it works.

for brush presents previously created

Brush presets created in which version? And were the brush presets in the subfolders, or the brush tips in the subfolders, or both?

If I understand you correctly, only brush tips in subfolders cause trouble, all other resource types can be wherever they want to be?

And the brush preset doesn’t work if the brush tip is in the subfolder, correct?

I think now I understood you correctly but I’m just asking to be sure.

I’m sorry! I didn’t proofread my post enough :sweat_smile:
I meant that it will work now if I create a new brush present or overwrite an existing brush present while the brush tips are already within a subfolder in /brushes/. I’ve also tested that palletes, gradients, and gamut masks successfully read from subfolders too

I think that I discovered another bug where if a resource is moved out of a subfolder or moved into a subfolder, Krita won’t read the resource from it’s new location unless the “resourcecache.sqlite” is deleted. When the resource is moved back into it’s original location, Krita can read it again without having to delete the sqlite file.

  • For example if the palette file “concept-cookie.gpl” was moved from /krita/palettes/ to /krita/palettes/subfolder Krita won’t read it anymore until the sqlite file is deleted and regenerated.

  • But if it was moved back from /krita/palettes/subfolder to it’s original location /krita/palettes/ Krita will read it again without having to delete the database file.

I found a bug in krita5, in krita 4.5 you can import .abr brush tips, I’m aware they are only the tips, not the actual configurations of the files, so I downloaded the current windows version of krita5 to test it as in the news list inside Krita I read its close to being stable, and to my surprise under the available formats to import tips, .abr is no longer listed. Also Krita automatically imported the tips I have of older versions into version 5, but since it can’t read .abr those brushes I have ended up without the proper tip, because they are no longer available from the list of brush tips, I realized of this, and tried to import them manually only to find the format is not longer supported, the strange thing is that under “manage resources”, you do still have the option to import brush tips as .abr, so my conclusion was then, that chances are this is a bug or an oversight.
Please don’t remove the support for .abr brush tips, half my brushes work with them, if you remove support for those I will need to convert them to .png and re link/tweak all of them.
Thank you for you time and for this great application.
Kind Regards

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Hello @Renderluz!

Your assertion is so not right, okay it has changed a lot and so you have to occasionally take a different path! But something, just because you do not find it in the usual place right away, to call a bug?
Yes, new paths are taken, the entire resource management has received a facelift, there’s some button in a different place, you could also “play with it a little”, familiarize yourself with it, right? Like in Sesame Street, the passage “What happens then”(*), has always given me a lot of joy and fun as a child :wink:

And here now, for your reassurance, the solution of the “BUG”!

*.ABR files are now considered as bundles and treated as such, which means that you install *.ABR files today via “Manage Resource Libraries…”.

ABR.Files are now BUNDLES!

… and please don’t cry that there are no fancy icons for *.ABR-Files, ABR-Files have got no icons!


(*) Translated from German