Brush request?

Hello I may have a silly question, I’m not familiar at all with creating brushes and quite messed up more often than not trying so. I wanted to ask if it was too much for me to ask if someone here would be able to replicate the brush pack in this video:

At worst I can take some recommendations for resources to learn to create my own brushes


I’m also still learning how to make brushes

you can learn from Making BRUSHES in KRITA 2022. Part 1 - YouTube
and a lot of tips from Krita youtube channel,
& more details Brushes — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation


Recreate a whole brush pack, ahem.
Maybe take a look at the following packs, in my eyes a very good selection for most things you can need for painting. At least a good base to build upon, when one begins with Krita.

Maybe you take a look at the here requested “Jarry H. Line brush set” first, it seems this set appeals to many users, at least there were 100 downloads from my cloud in the last 29 days. (I have not yet experienced such a demand.) Okay, not every brush from the set you requested will be in the Jarry H.-set, but it may be a good start into inking.

But a real bummer in my eyes, when it comes to inking, is the Rudluff-Bundle out of @fizzyflower’s “Fizzyflower’s ULTIMATE MyPaint Brush Collection”. To make it easier to get this single bundle out of the depth of fizzy’s topic, I took the freedom to separate this one out of the cornucopia she presented to us in that topic and have put it on my cloud.

The next one I love too, @Odzuki made a great job to put this one together. The topic “Photoshop common brush transfer, with original brush” where Odzuki presents this bundle is a must, there is nearly every brush described, often plus additional pictures, even a few animated, a fun to read through.
The newest version of Odzuki’s bundle can be found here:

In case you like pencils, you need @RamonM’s SK-V1-Bundle. I believe that there are no better pencils for Krita at the moment. He presented it here:

And here the direct download links:
And Ramon has much more for you:


If you want to try watercolor, then there is one bundle you need to know, @Pesi’s “Set of Watercolor Brushes”

If you also want to try his watercolor paper, you maybe want to use my fixed version with additionally simplified installation?

Next bundle is a set of brushes if you need defined edges, a specialized one from @Awez:

Shortly before the end I would like to introduce my personal favorite among the Universal bundles, the somewhat older “Wayne Parker - Artmessiah’s Krita Presets” is apparently relatively unknown, at least I’ve never seen anyone report about it here, but impresses with the clear structuring of the bundle and especially with the selection of brushes. There are some goodies among them!

I suspect that its creator, Wayne Parker, did not “promote” it in any way anywhere after its release, otherwise I can’t explain the unfamiliarity of this bummer.

And because it is no longer hosted on DA, you can download it from my cloud, a copy of the DA-webpage where it is presented is included:

And finally, three universalists that everyone should at least know and that are, each for itself, damn good. The small in comparison “Won’t teach you to draw”, by @wojtryb, but what has size to say? And the two, in terms of volume, huge bundles from @fizzyflower and @Rakurri, “FizzyFlower’s “ESSENTIAL” Brushset VERSION 2” and “Rakurri Brush Set V2”. ?

Any of the presented bundles is free of charge.

Normally, most users should be able to create their own bundle from the featured bundles that meets their needs 80%, if not more, and the rest they have to either create themselves or gather from other specialized brush collections. Something I take great pleasure in (so, searching and creating).
But special needs need special brushes, so some users won’t find much for their needs, but I suspect that these are a minority.



This an impressive article, thank you for your input I’ll be sure to check them

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You are awesome, @Michelist.


I am just a painter who loves paintbrushes.



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